Limited Partnership Registration in Canada For Non-Residents

Foreign investors considering establishing a new business in Canada increasingly are weighing the merits of registering their businesses in Canada as limited partnerships.

Ontario Limited partnerships are used by business as a vehicle of choice for many purposes, including as vehicles for the making of venture capital and private equity investments.

One of the major benefits of Limited Partnerships in Ontario is that information regarding the identity and the amount of their commitment to the limited partnership remain confidential.

A limited partnership (LP) is a partnership among persons carrying on business in common. It is composed of a general partner (or partners) and one or more limited partners. The limited partners benefit from limited liability.

In an Ontario Limited Partnership, management is conducted by the general partner(s), who is/are fully liable for all debts, liabilities, and obligations of the Ontario Limited Partnership. The liability of the limited partners is restricted to the amount of money or interest they have invested in the Limited Partnership.

The Advantages

Ontario Limited Partnerships are viewed as highly prestigious Canadian business entities;
Ontario Limited Partnerships have no restrictions on the residency of partners, thus allowing non-residents to contribute to the partnership;
An Ontario Limited Partnership can be composed of a single person who is the sole general and limited partner, or can be expanded to include the contributions of multiple partners;
There is no minimum authorized capital to an Ontario Limited Partnership. Therefore, partners can make any contribution;
LPs can “flow-through” profits and losses to their partners; and
In terms of taxation, there is no corporate income tax, no requirement to file corporate tax returns and no withholding tax on profits received by partners situated outside of Canada.

Residency Requirements For the Registration of Ontario Limited Partnerships

Canadian residency is not required for a person to be a general partner or a limited partner. Additionally, when a non-Canadian corporation is acting as a limited partner, it is not required to complete extra-provincial registration in Ontario.

Ontario Limited Partnership Registration Service in 24 Hours

Company Formations offers Canada Limited Partnership Registration to Canadian residents and non-Canadian residents. Our Canada Limited Partnership registration service for Only $2200 (all inclusive) Includes:

  • Name Search confirming the uniqueness of the name
  • Government registration fee
  • Registered office address for one year
  • Declaration Form 3 confirming registration of the Limited Partnership
  • Organizational Resolutions of the General Partners
  • Resolution Admitting of Limited Partner
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Register of General Partners
  • Register of Limited Partners

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