Incorporating a new company in Ontario: Effective Date of Incorporation

When Articles are filed with the Central Production and Verification Services Branch they are endorsed with a certificate and are effective on the date set out in the certificate. Articles cannot be endorsed until all requirements under the Business Corporations Act have been met under the policy of Endorsement as of Right.

An effective date of up to 30 days later than the earliest date the Articles can be endorsed may be requested in writing on a cover letter using bold or highlighted letters, upon submission of the Articles to the Branch. If you are presenting your Articles in person and require a future effective date, you must verbally bring this request to the attention of the counter clerk who endorses your Articles.

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  • Preparation of the Register of directors, the Register of Shareholders, the Register of Officers and the Stock Transfer Register.
  • Issuance of share certificates per your instructions
  • Blank share certificates
  • Shareholder ledgers for each shareholder
  • Provincial-specific startup checklist